Some facts about birch tree sap that might surprise you:


  • Birch tree sap is enriched with nutrients that come from roots of the tree*.
  • The sap can only be tapped when the temperature rises to 4 – 6 °C. Birch Sap season lasts for only from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Birch tree sap does not lose its qualities when being preserved.
  • The sweetness of sap depends on the winter colds. The colder the winter, the sweeter the sap.
  • Birch tree sap is an allergen free drink.
  • Sap is a low calorie drink, containing only 3kcal per 100ml.
  • Birch tree sap improves your metabolism and therefore is recommended to be used in your daily diet.
  • Due to its healing qualities, birch sap is seen as more of a medicine rather than a drink*.
  • Sap wine, syrup, sauce, fragrances and other materials can also be produced from the birch tree sap.
  • It is an eco product that has no GMOs and is 100% natural. Birch tree sap is also perfectly suitable for vegans, because it has no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours.

*Source: https://www.balticforestry.mi.lt/bf/PDF_Articles/2016-22%5B2%5D/Baltic%20Forestry%202016.2_222-229.pdf