Private Label


Sip Sap – a unique brand in the market. It stands out in terms of flavour, exclusive packaging and labeling.


A sip of healthy, fresh and blooming forest all year round – the experience that Sip Sap brings and leaves the moment you try it.


Business to business


We are a business to business (B2B) orientated company trading worldwide. Our clients are companies that buy wholesale. If requested, we can supply birch sap for manufacturing. It is delivered in bulks of aseptic bags.


Sip Sap is flexible in terms of packaging for export. Big bulk orders allow us to ship quicker, because it allows us to ship birch tree sap that is prepared for packaging.


It is also possible to choose smaller packages like:


  • Tetra packs (1 liter);
  • Glass jars;
  • Lamican;
  • PETs;
  • Alu cans;

Variety of Sip Sap flavours

In order for the taste to satisfy your needs or even match the mood, we have seasoned the sap with various other flavours. Discover different tastes of this miracle of nature.

SipSap is full of flavours. Natural ingredients enrich it with additional qualities, creating a unique and colourful range of tastes for you.


  • natural birch sap – the sip of nature
  • with cranberries – the breath of spring
  • with  lingberry  – the touch of nature
  • with  blueberry  – the breath of forest
  • with mint – the refreshing chill
  • with lemon juice  – the blast of energy
  • with ginger and lime – strengthens the immune system
  • with aloe vera pieces – for foodies
  • with rhubarb – tradition and uniqueness

Sap  together with natural ingredients make a great team in terms of taste, style and health, but it is just the beginning. We invite you to share ideas and recipes with us!